Gravity Break

What you need to do is to click the screen to keep the ball on the sky. Don't let it drop on the ground! A simple game, addictive.

Tips: Hit the ball on the lowest height can get Perfect bonus, continue Perfect can get combos. Combos multiply the score earned.


You may think it looks like another game! But it's not!I can't figure out a good interface to show this idea currently. So I use this temporarily.

It's a game designed for obsessives. All game is just a loop. You need to repeat a sequence of touches. The aim is to compete who can repeat faster and last longer. This really makes people irritated. At least it's really pushing me over the edge.

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Battle Without End 2

Yoo! I know you guys are looking for this. And in fact it will soon be released!

It may change to another name! It's little to long for an app. This version not only improve a lot on the graphics but also very playable! It extends most systems from BWE1, and in this world you can create your individual character by yourself. You also can exchange equips. I can't reveals more, sorry.(●'◡'●)ノ♥~~~

And if you support me. Rate the games above.Thanks!o((>ω< ))o

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